Yoga 4 Us


I’m here as living breathing proof that yoga is for everyone. I’m here to break down the barriers you
have built up between you and yourself. This practice of movement, mindfulness, and meditation is so powerful and life changing, that I can no longer walk this path without bringing my people on the journey with me.                                                                      

So let me be clear: my immediate mission is to bring African American women into the practice of yoga. My vision is to help create a mind shift in our community with self-care, wellness, nutrition, and mindset. While Yoga4us has such a precise mission, this is indeed an inclusive space. All are welcome to join us on this path! It is beyond time to declare without hesitation that yoga is for us, all of us!

I am driven by the desire to create judgement free zone for others to cultivate their self-care regimens. I strive to create spaces where we can walk our wellness journeys at our own individual paces. Please come to this space as a clean slate. Leave your ideas and perceptions of what yoga is supposed to look, sound, and feel like. You may find your yoga guide, meet a new friend, make a networking connection, and have the time of your life!